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DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Compound Miter Saw Review

DeWalt DW715

Tools are absolutely amazing. It doesn’t matter whether it is a tiny hammer or a huge chainsaw, all of them are amazing. I am a real tool fanatic and enjoy building my collection. I don’t do it just because I like tools, though. It is also because I simply like keeping busy, crafting and making things myself. The one thing that was lacking in my toolshed, however, was a miter saw. I recently came across the Dewalt DW715 and I knew instantly that this was the one for me. Here are my experiences with my new favorite tool.

dewalt 715

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Features and Price of the Dewalt DW715

The Dewalt DW715 features:

  • A 15 Amp motor with 4,000 revs per minute. This gives it a huge amount of power and makes it very durable as well.
  • The miter detent plate itself is made from long lasting stainless steel. It is adjustable and has eleven positive stops. This means that cutting is really precise, increasing productivity as well.
  • The miter system is very exact. It also comes with a fence support (machine base), which means accuracy during cutting is always maintained.
  • The fence supports are tall and sliding and allow for 6 and a half inches vertical sliding against the fence (5 and a quarter nested). Also, with bevel cuts, it easily slides out of the way.
  • The bevel goes from 0 to 48 degrees on the left. The right allows for 0 to 3 degrees, which gives it additional capacity. The miter has a 0 to 50 degree on the left and right, which makes it more versatile.

dewalt 715 wood

What I Liked about the Dewalt DW715

  • I found this to be the best miter saw out there because it is so quick and the cuts are totally accurate. The motor is really powerful and the features are very convenient. Plus, the carbide blade, wrench and dust bag that come with it are really useful.
  • I found it to be versatile yet accurate at the same time, which is something that is often hard to find with tools. The miter handle is very easy to adjust without problems, meaning the angles always stay accurate. In fact, thanks to the detent override, it is possible to adjust the miter without worrying about it slipping.
  • The bevel capacity is also much higher than that on other models. In fact, it is easy to cut cleanly at a 45 degree angle through dimensional lumber, even if it is nearly two by eight inches.
  • The miter saw is surprisingly light, meaning it is portable and easy to take with you wherever you go. If you want to do some DIY with your friends, for instance, you can easily take it with you. I did try to convince a friend to invest with me, sharing the cost, but then I decided that I wanted the saw all to myself after all!
  • Of course, being a Dewalt, it comes with a full warranty package. This includes 3 year limited warranty and a one year service contract.
  • If you are not happy with your machine, you can return it within 89 days and get your money back.

dewalt 715 angles

What I Didn’t Like about the Dewalt DW715

  • Because it is a type 3 design, it is not compatible with older Dewalt tools. If you are a DIY fanatic, like me, it is likely that you already have some laser or LED work lights by Dewalt, but none of them will work. They would, however, work on a type 2.
  • There have been a number of complaints about the Dewalt customer service center, as it seems that many of their employees do not know whether certain elements are or aren’t compatible with this particular model.

The Verdict

The Dewalt DW715 is the best miter saw I have ever had the pleasure to use. I am sure that there are better ones out there for those who actually work in the woodwork industry, but in terms of tools that can be used both by amateurs and semi-professionals, I really couldn’t come up with a better machine. Plus, because it is portable and lightweight, it is very easy to take with you to different locations, perfect for people who are self-employed and work as a handyman, for instance.

Yes, it is certainly true that the latest model is not compatible with older laser and LED lights also released by Dewalt. Also, a lot of places that sell the Dewalt DW715 do not make this clear and are actually somewhat misleading in their picture, because it looks as if the laser light can be used. However, the laser light has now also been updated, and it is this one that is visible in the picture. For me, it was but a minor inconvenience that my laser light didn’t fit. I’ve simply sold it and bought a new one, meaning it really didn’t cost me anything at all.

Whether you like woodwork as a hobby or as a profession, or whether you just want to make sure you have all necessary tools in the house (just in case), you really cannot go wrong with the Dewalt DW715. What a tool! And you will be happy to know that my wife’s photographs are now proudly displayed in my hallway as well.

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dewalt 715

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