The Bosch PS31-2A 12V Drill Driver can Handle Many 18v Drilling Jobs in a Compact Form

The Bosch PS31-2A 12v Drill could make 18v drills obsolete around a lot of homes. Not every task requires a heavy, full-sized tool. Yes, a regular 18v full size driver is more powerful and will give you higher torque, but they are heavier than the 12V drivers. You will be glad that you’d gotten a more compact, lighter 12v drill like the Bosch PS31 when you find yourself holding it over your head all day long. This drill is relatively small and is nearly pocketable.

Bosch PS31-2A

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Even the professionals are starting to take notice. We have observed that more of them are integrating these 12V drills into their tool set to take care of quick jobs and smaller drilling projects. A lot of times they just bring this baby to their work sites and their big 18-volt drills end up staying at home.

The relatively higher price of the 12v drills like the Bosch PS31 could be a deciding factor in homeowners’ purchase decision. However, the advantage you get from such a small yet capable drill will offset any small difference in price. Besides, the price of Bosch PS31 has been reduced significantly than when it came out a few years ago. Check out the latest price.

So can the 12v Bosch PS31 drill/driver kit replace its 18v brethren? From what we’ve seen, it definitely could. Our associates have built fences, doors, concretes and kitchen cabinet fixtures with it and they find it well suited to those tasks.

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Buy Bosch PS31 at a great price!


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